Telebee GR-302CM Drifting Car Gyro

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 R/C Car Gyro for Drift Maneuvers


  • Specifically designed to enable drifting maneuvers for R/C model cars
  • Compact piezoelectric gyro sensor
  • Built-in drift cancellation circuit
  • Temperature compensation circuit
  • Dual rate
  • Remote gain control
  • Designed with low center of gravity
  • Stabilizes car when cornering
  • Supports digital steering servo (265Hz-333Hz pulse)
  • External tuning switches to adjust "Sterring ATV" and gain function 
  • External reverse switch
  • External switch to select between digital servo or standard servo
  • Suitable for both electric and engine powered R/C model cars


  • Dimension: 20x20x15mm
  • Weight : 11grams
  • Voltage used: 4.2V to 7V
  • High-speed pulse output for digital servo: 265Hz-333Hz
  • Standard pulse output for regular servo: 50Hz
  • Current:approx 33mA
  • Operating temperature: -5° Cto +60°C

* Specifications subject to change without notice

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