EG Sport 25 Two Stroke Glow Engine for Car

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This high-rpm, huge power glow engine will give your car all the power it needs while drowning out the sound of those pesky electrics! No need to worry about expensive batteries here. Just re-fuel and you're off!

Tear up the track all day with our 25 size 2-stroke glow engine!
• ABC construction, Aluminum piston with Brass liner that's Chrome plated
• Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
• 14mm SG Crankshaft
• Large anodized head with cooling fins 
• Pull starter pre-installed

Displacement: 4.1CC
Bore: 17.22mm 
Stroke: 17.60mm 
Ports: 3
Carburetor: 8mm
Crankshaft: 14mm SG
RPM: 6,000~35,500
Maximum Power: 2.8hp
Weight: 406g

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